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Environmental Benefits

At Keyland Polymer, we are committed to protecting the environment in every way we can.  From initial coating development to finished UV powder and application, we strive to uphold and maintain our environmental values.  Reducing the use of raw materials and minimizing waste is not only a smart way to conduct business, but it’s helping to preserve the environment we live and work in.

Here are just some of the ways UV-curable powder coatings are helping to reduce the world’s green footprint.

  • Solvent Free and Non-toxic Finishing
  • No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and No HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants)
  • Energy Efficient Process
  • Residual Powder Recycling
  • Easy and Safer Material Handling

UV Powder coatings can also be reclaimed up to 98%, and a UV powder system can require a tenth of the space of a liquid finishing system- meaning lower energy costs.  A UV system can also finish a greater capacity of parts per shift, allowing for a shorter process time with less energy usage.

We are proud of our environmentally friendly finishes.  Click here to learn more about health and safety of UV powder coating and proper handling techniques!