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Advantages of UV-Cured Powder Coating

It’s A Green Process

At Keyland Polymer, we are committed to protecting the environment  Our powder coating is environmentally friendly and can be reclaimed up to 98%.

  • Solvent free and non-toxic finish
  • No VOCs and No HAPs
  • Energy efficient process
  • Powder reclaim up to 98%

Cost Effective & Efficient

A UV-cure powder coating system is efficient and versatile; faster project setup, less time waiting for finished parts and faster change over — an ideal finishing system for any volume of parts.  The fast process time allows for a higher quantity of finished parts in a given time frame when compared to many other finishing systems.  UV powder coating systems finish all parts in one process step.

Graph Comparison Powder Coating Systems

A UV cure powder coating system is a compact finishing system, requiring 80% less space than a thermal cure system.  The smaller footprint and short process time enable UV powder systems to have reduced energy costs.

Great for Heat Sensitive Substrates

The fast process time of a UV powder coating system significantly reduces thermal exposure.  This gives us the ability to coat a wide range of heat sensitive materials including wood, plastics, composites, pre-assembled parts, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and other materials.

Benefits of minimal thermal exposure include:

  • Maintain substrate integrity
  • Minimize substrate outgassing
  • Exceptionally high finish quality performance
  • Low energy costs

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