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UV Powder System

If you are thinking a UV powder system could be right for your business, let DVUVSystems and Keyland Polymer help you decide.  Our expertise is a valuable resource to determine how a UV-cured powder coating system makes the most sense for your business.  A typical UV cure system layout may be seen here.


Our experienced staff is available to discuss your project including: finishing feasibility studies, coating performance evaluations, and pilot trials.  We can develop a UV powder application system for your business.

DVUVSystems will work with you through the entire design, validation, start up and operation of your new system.  Proper on-site training for the operation and maintenance of the application system is provided.  We also offer service contracts for the life of your application system.

A UV powder coating application system is ideal to finish a wide range of substrates; including

System Benefits

UV-cured powder coating offers many advantages over traditional coating methods.  A UV cure system can finish a greater number of parts per shift, greatly increasing efficiencies.  They are also easier and safer to handle than liquid coating materials.  Color changes are accomplished in minutes with the use of compressed air and do not require solvents or purge materials.Typical System Size

A UV powder system can require a tenth of the space of a liquid finishing system.  The valuable space savings is due to the reduction in oven size, finishing time, and elimination of part cooling area.  This allows for an increased capacity in a fraction of the floor space.

Please fill out our Finish Requirements Form to discuss your application and determine how we can provide you with a UV cure powder coating system.  There is also more information about UV-cured powder coating on our UV Powder page.