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UVMax® MDF provides an effective and environmentally friendly finishing option for MDF, or medium density fiberboard, that saves both time and money.

UVMax® MDF can turn raw MDF into a finished part in less than 20 minutes.  The faster and shorter process steps mean significantly lower defect rates and high finish quality.  The highly efficient process consists of a smaller manufacturing footprint compared to other finishing systems, cutting down both energy cost and floor space.

Applications that utilize the benefits of UVMax® MDF include retail and POP fixtures components, shelving and bases, and furniture and medical component to name a few.  The coating flows smoothly around corners and edges providing a seamless coverage.  Contact us today to see how your product can benefit from UVMax® MDF powder coating.  The possibilities are endless!

Technical Data for UV Max® MDF

How does UVMax® MDF compare to other finishes?