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UV-Cured Powder Coating + Resource Productivity = Higher Profits

Webinar Slides from a webinar hosted by SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry’s (SUNY-ESF) Institute for Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing in collaboration with RadTech International. Using Resource Productivity as a template, the webinar will demonstrate how the adoption of UV-Cured Powder Coating as a material and finishing solution can produce higher profits. You can
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Fast, Clean & Green – UV Powder Coating for MDF

Sep/Oct 2013 International Paint & Coatings Magazine The global population in 2012 was 6 Billion. ln 2030 it will grow to 7.4 billion¹. There will be 3 billion more middle class consumers by 2030¹ . China and India will build new homes for 600 million people between 2010- 2030¹.  In 2012 the global motor vehicle production has reached 51.7
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Survival of the Innovators

When our traditional industries finally recover from this long term depression, the real survivors will be those who have innovated during this period by devoting capital expenditure to new technology, despite the drastic reduction in sales and profit. What were the incentives to innovate? Increasing profit margins was the essential driver but, to achieve this,
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UV Powder Coating on Novel Substrates

Powder Coated Tough April/May 2013 UV-curable coating technology is increasingly being seen as the future technology in the area of industrial coatings. The technology represents one of the rapidly growing segments in the coatings industry, and is arguably emerging as the answer to the rising environmental concerns and stringent regulations. Several application-related advantages come to serve the technology that include absence of pot life issues, lower energy
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The Future of Industrial Coatings

UV-cured powder coating technology is a rapidly growing segment of the coatings industry and is emerging as the answer to rising environmental concerns and stringent regulations on coating processes. The technology has lower energy costs, one of the fastest cure speeds and offers a reduced environmental impact. These are just a few reasons why one should strongly consider using UV-curable
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Innovation and Sustainability Drive UV-Cured Powder Coating Developments

Customers are demanding products and services that cost less and add value. Innovating providers of services and manufacturers of products recognize the importance and challenge of simultaneously adding value and reducing costs; not as opposing or conflicting goals, but as profit opportunities. UV-cured powder coating meets the innovator’s challenge. UV-cured powder coating combines chemistry and curing technology, and is both value adding and cost reducing.

Keyland Polymer and DVUV: Sisters Worth Knowing

Many companies pride themselves upon selling a product that is state of the art. However, DVUV LLC goes a step further. The process it markets is not only advanced on a technical level, it also has eye appeal. Utilizing a powder evolved by its sister company, Keyland Polymer, it coats MDF (medium density fiberboard), a material utilized in everything from store display to medical applications and furniture.

Coating Business Grows 26% During Recession Fall 2009

Longtime readers of UV Spectrum may recall that a company called Decorative Veneer installed the first North
American UV powder coating line for medium density fiberboard (MDF) in April 2001. The UV business was spun off as an independent company named DVUV in 2005. We recently spoke with DVUV to find out how the UV powder business has changed and how they are doing, especially during this recession.

UV-Curable Powder Coatings for Heat Sensitive Substrates

Market opportunities for UV-cured powder coatings continue to expand as external drivers focus consumers of OEM coatings to seek new materials and application technologies. Industrial material consumers and processors make material and technological investment and buying decisions based upon a complex set of internal and external criteria.