Organization Flow Chart


Keyland Polymer, DVUV and DVUV Systems make up DVUV Holdings, LLC –  the best in UV-cured  powder  coating chemistry.  DVUV Holdings specializes in UV-cured powder coating application technologies and system engineering, sales and support.

This comprehensive business model enables DVUV Holdings and each operating company the ability to work together and take advantage of the unique chemistry and productivity benefits UV-cured powder coating has to offer.  Located in Cleveland, Ohio, we develop coordinated solutions and product offerings that highly benefit our customers.   DVUV and Keyland Polymer together reduce the time to market from weeks to days, rapidly accelerating the ability to meet customer specific needs and requirements.

Since 2005, DVUV and Keyland have finished millions of square feet of material.  Our customers include large retail chains and POP manufacturers; architects and designers; international medical equipment manufacturers and OEM manufacturers all across the country.  Click here to see examples of our finished product in our photo gallery!

If you have a project in mind or would like to stop by for a tour of our facilities, just give us a call at 216-741-7915 or fill out our contact form!  We love having visitors and learning more about you and your company.    We are happy show you how UV-cured powder coatings can help with your project requirements.