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Keyland’s History

DVUV was started in Cleveland in the spring of 2005 after moving the UV-cured powder coating application line from Michigan.  Since 2005, sales have grown more than 8 fold and millions of square feet of product has been produced.  It is one of the largest applicators of UV-cured powder coatings in the world.

Keyland Polymer was formed in 2006 and is the only company in the world solely dedicated to the purpose of developing, formulating and manufacturing UV-curable powder coatings.   By the fall of 2007, Keyland was supplying all of DVUV’s UV-cured powder coatings.  Keyland has developed a number of UV-cured powder coating finishes for other heat sensitive substrates including plastics and metals.

DVUVSystems was recently formed in 2010 and can design, engineer, install, and provide support for your own UV-curable powder coating system.  Our team is both experienced and knowledgeable in UV powder coatings and applications.  We will work with you through the design and start up of your new application system and provide on-site training and ongoing service for the life of your new system.

Today, Keyland Polymer, DVUV and DVUVSystems continue to provide its customers with the latest in UV-cured chemistry and finishing technology.  We are committed to serving our customers and we love what we do.  We understand tight schedules, budget pressures, and unexpected challenges.  We love a challenge – and are not successful until you are!

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